What is Avatar?

Avatar is one of the most powerful, purest self-development courses in the world. It is consciousness training that empowers people to fully create and experience their dreams.

Would you like to be happier, more present and more successful?

Are you interested in personal growth?

Do you resonate with the concepts of the Law of Attraction and Eckhart Tolle?

Avatar actually teaches people how to understand and apply these concepts. The course contains a series of experiential exercises that helps people let go of their negative belief patterns and deliberately create their lives from a place of true inner peace and inspiration.

Wherever you are on your path, Avatar meets you right there and helps you move forward exponentially.

"You are much deeper, much broader, much brighter than any idea you could have of yourself."
- Harry Palmer, author of the Avatar materials

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The Avatar Course is available throughout the year at locations spread around the world.

We invite you to come and learn the tools of Avatar in a safe, comfortable, caring environment. Fostering international compassion and peace, this setting promotes deep connections beyond all boundaries of culture, religion, race, or age.

Establish life-long friendships as you explore consciousness with your new, diverse, worldwide community. Discover for yourself the magic of Avatar and experience the synergy of many people, just like you, learning and growing together with a common purpose.

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Jeanine C. Jackson
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Free introductions by appointment.

Jeanine C. Jackson
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Ms. Jackson is
a Licensed Avatar Master.
She also holds a B. A. in Philosophy, is a Certified NutraMetrix Consultant and is a professional portrait and landscape artist.

I congratulate you for exploring Avatar! It has helped me in all areas of my life and hundreds of thousands of others.
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Avatar is a set of tools that allows people, in a very short time, to identify and change the conclusions, decisions, and agreements that are shaping their lives. You could call it a mental editing technique, a belief management technique, or a spiritual empowerment technique. You could call it a lot of things, but the most important thing is that the tools work for you, and they work extremely well. People are amazed..

Avatar Redux
by Harry Palmer

Avatar students systematically change their attitudes, remove self-imposed limitations, and end old hostilities that may be souring their experience of life. They set new goals or revive old ones, and using their rediscovered powers, create opportunities, motivation, and the courage to pursue dreams. In some cases, they restructure their own consciousness; in other cases they literally reshape physical reality. Yes, it is powerful stuff.

You could just stop reading now and do Avatar, you wouldn't be sorry. But there is more to the story than personal development. There is something subtler that happens to you when you use the Avatar tools - a transformation takes place. For some, it happens in a matter of days; for others it takes considerably longer, even years.

The transformation takes one of two routes. The first route could be described as satiation. Satiation means to fully satisfy a desire.

When you are deliberately able to have, experience, or create the object of your desire, the result is not obsession or addiction; the result is satiation. That is a concept that is fully understood only after you become successful. How many chocolate-covered cherries can you eat? How long can you feel the best you've ever felt? How much money is enough? How much success is enough? (The joke answer is "a little more," but there really is a point of satiation.) When your personal desires are satiated you look for other ways in which to express your competence.

The second route of transformation begins when you become so skilled at self-examination that you begin to discover, deep within your mind, the conclusions, decisions, and agreements that are creating your desires. The enlightened insight is that with Avatar you can create or discreate anything you desire, including the desire.

This is the point where you begin to explore consciousness at a level beyond self-centered thinking. The self that you were being turns out to be a mental construct of conclusions, decisions, and agreements. A new self beyond mind awakens, right here, right now. You are now able to observe human consciousness from an exterior perspective. New possibilities appear. Values change. Awe and appreciation replace selfish desires. Compassion replaces antagonism. Cooperation replaces competition. Learning and social evolving replace intolerance.

Ultimately you ask yourself the questions that every being in the process of spiritual awakening asks, "What am I doing here? What is this really about? Why am I participating in this creation of life?"

And as an Avatar you know the answer - know it as a faint intuitive impulse that does not arise from forgotten mental indoctrination or identity ego-hunger. You are the answer, and are sustained by the realization that you have something to contribute to the creation of an enlightened planetary civilization®; that is what you have always been about.

The Story of The Avatar Course

How is it that you were able to succeed in the self-development field when so many of your colleagues failed?

You are right that I came out of a post-Vietnam era that was rife with well meaning, but totally bizarre, spiritual practices. Many people submitted themselves to spiritual teachers who exhibited outrageous attention-seeking behaviors. In some circles, exhibitionist behavior, including promiscuity, was a sign of enlightenment, but getting beyond your sexual hang-ups really didn't lead anywhere.

Some chemical paths were toxically self-destructive; cults were disruptive of families; empowerment therapies were financial enterprises in disguise. Eastern religions were a thorough indoctrination into generations-old belief systems, very ego gratifying in terms of agreement and group status, but personally disempowering. Most of these spiritual paths were dead ends. Hope and pretense were substituted for real experience; in the end was disappointment and betrayal. I was there.

The search for higher consciousness began to be included in the same categories as UFO abductions, global conspiracies, and spirit mediums. Skepticism ruled the day. The popularity rating for spiritual seekers plummeted; the sale of business suits soared. The final insult was a suggestion that spiritual enlightenment might actually be a psychological condition caused by hormonal imbalance.

That pretty much describes the self-development scene that I lived through. There were a few spiritual overtones in the human potential movement, but mainstream facilitators tried to minimize them with hip jargon or psychological terminology. The ideas of achievement and success were more in vogue than spiritual awakening. Yoga meditation centers hosted sales seminars to pay the rent.

Even so, a few people were still on the trail of a spiritual awakening technology, still looking for the keys to that intoxicating experience of awareness without limits; that aware-no-space that finally and irrefutably answered the who-am-I question; that close encounter with an experience so awe inspiring that it put the games of the world into minor perspective. I was fortunate to be one of those people. The details can be found in Living Deliberately. You can download a free copy of the book Living Deliberately here.

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